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Annual Parish Meeting 2020 Cancelled

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Covid - 19

Worried! - Switch News Off! - Do Something you Enjoy!
Struggling! - Phone For Support.

As a GP in Gateshead, I've not yet seen anyone with confirmed Coronavirus. I have, however, seen many people this week with overwhelming, disabling anxiety. The information coming out about this virus is really frightening - I have close family with chronic long-term conditions who are at increased risk and feeling scared, and I also feel very worried about them catching it and becoming unwell. But the majority of people will get better - even those at higher risk.
If you're feeling constantly anxious please switch off the TV or radio news. Try and change the topic of conversation. Do something you find relaxing or distracting. Tell someone how you feel and get some support. Take sensible precautions, wash your hands but try to do something each day that you enjoy. If you're really struggling with anxiety please do phone and speak to your GP for advice - you're not alone. A GP.

Covid-19 Emergency Procedures (click through)
Latest report from Claire Driver (County Councillor)

Langwathby Parish comprises the two villages of Edenhall and Langwathby in Eden District, Cumbria, located a few miles to the north-east of Penrith. This lively Parish acts as a local service centre for the surrounding rural area and is a centre of local employment.

The two attractive villages, situated either side of the River Eden, are linked by a road bridge over the river and by the popular "Lady's Walk" footpath.

For Parish Information from the 2011 Census click the LINK (figures from the 2011 census available in July 2012)

Parish Council meetings are held approximately every two months at 7.30pm in the Back Room of the Village Hall, Langwathby.

Meeting dates for 2020:
10th September
12th November

Venue in the back room, Langwathby Village Hall.

Agendas are posted on the Parish noticeboards in Edenhall and Langwathby. All meetings are open to the public and residents are encouraged to attend - the agendas include an opportunity for parishioners to raise issues of local concern.


Doug Banks, The New Mill, Langwathby;
Vice Chair: Kerry Little, 19 Salkeld Road, Langwathby;
Mark Holliday,Town Head Farm, Langwathby;
Carol Merrie, Caroline Cottage, Langwathby;
Chris Wilson, Millriggs, Salkeld Road, Langwathby;
Craig Elland, Honeysuckle, Low Mill, Langwathby;
Tom Anderson, East Lodge, Edenhall;
Jason Corbishley, 2 St Cuthbert's Place Edenhall;
Chairman: Ian Harrington, 20 Salkeld Road, Langwathby;

Councillor contact details here

Parish Clerk:
Mr. John Fleming, Fell View, Blencarn, Penrith, Cumbria, CA10 1TX
Tel 07768 468 634

Last Election May 2019. Next Election May 2023 - elections are held every 4 years