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The Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act grants to members of the public rights of access to all kinds of recorded information held by a wide range of public authorities. Information about the Act is available from the Information Commissionerís Office at

Publication Scheme
The Act requires every public authority to adopt and maintain a "publication scheme". Langwathby Parish Council has adopted the "model publication scheme", which is a standard framework produced by the Information Commissioner. It is intended to provide everyone interested in the Council with a comprehensive guide to the information that the Council will automatically or routinely publish or otherwise makes available to the public.

Freedom of Information Requests and the Publication Scheme
It is important to note that a publication scheme simply sets out the information that is routinely available. Information that is not listed in the Information Available Guide can still be requested and it will be made available unless it can be legitimately withheld. Requests for information should be made to the Parish Clerk.

Below is a view of the Information available Guide - you can view print or download this document. To print please use the print icon on the Flash Paper header not the browser print button.